Human Connection

Some people weaponize human connection and use it to create factions.

Some people ignore human connection for fear of being exposed to something new.

Some people crave human connection and lose themselves in the process.

Some people foster an environment of human connection because they know it is the key to an inclusive world.

What do you do with human connection?

Become an Effective Cross-Cultural Communicator & Connector

I Know It’s Hard But...

I know that sometimes, it can feel emotionally exhausting to stand up for a cause or fight for equality. However, one thing we must not become, is desensitized to the cruelties of the world. That is what the opposition is counting on.

An environment of desensitization and apathy is where evil thrives.

As changemakers, let’s strive to create spaces to emotionally recharge as well as spaces that remind us of our purpose. 

Love is greater than fear and hate. It’s also a harder emotion to continuously access because it requires a level of big picture thinking and patience that does not work with today’s reactive world. 

What I do know for sure is this. It IS worth it to fight. Your work matters. You matter. If you’re feeling low on energy, hopefulness and/or disconnected, try these three things. 

Practice self-care: What is self-care? Any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. If you are not taking care of yourself by being mindful, meditating, and setting boundaries, you will be drained and you will regularly feel disconnected with yourself and mission. This can lead you to feeling lost.

Cultivate a community of fellow changemakers: A couple of things I have noticed are that there is a scarcity of fellowship for changemakers and sometimes changemakers don’t seek a community. We need this though because often times, you’re the only one that might see something a certain way which leads to resistance, name calling and even boycotts. Few people understand what this is like. The ones that do are fellow change makers so please create or find a community you trust and practice vulnerability and sharing your thoughts openly. Release, let go, cry, laugh. Do what you need to do but don’t hold back. Regularly fellowshipping with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals is a good way to release and recharge.

Continue to show up: Do this even if you don’t feel like it. It ALWAYS matters. Someone is ALWAYS watching. If you change just ONE life, that matters. That life might spark the revolution we need today.

“Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr. 


Become an Effective Cross-Cultural Communicator & Connector

Top Books To Read In 2019

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with reading and this year I decided to challenge myself to read more than the 57 books I read last year.

The initial goal was 60 then it became 75 and ultimately 100 books as of this blog post. The experience was not without its merits. It proved to be informative as well as transformative. My focus as I read was to hone my voice on cross cultural issues and simultaneously work on my personal development.

The results were rewarding. I was able to land a book deal with Wiley, speak at the prestigious Chatauqua Institution to the largest audience I have ever spoken to and host a successful masterclass. My hope is that these books boost your self esteem as well as cultural awareness. Listed below are my top 11 books of the year. To hear why I think so, click here or below.

Happy New Year!!!

Become an Effective Cross-Cultural Communicator & Connector


For a lot of my life, I wondered what to do with my voice.

It never seemed like I had a choice.

I look like this so I must sound like that.

I come from there so I must be like this.

Don’t be too loud they said, you’ll scare them.

Don’t be too soft they said, you’ll embarrass us.

All these rules and yet, no space for expression of self.

Nuance taken away in the name of systems and expectations.

Identity stripped away to make people I barely know comfortable.

I rehearsed several versions of myself so I could play in whatever movie was showing for the day.

All this hard work only to play supporting characters or extras.

I was never the star because God forbid I be seen as too extra.

So I did what they said.

I became an actor in my own life instead of THE director.

That was before I heard the power in the sound of my voice.

What a day it was because I could finally use it to rejoice.

My voice led me to the hidden layers I had covered up.

I could finally see myself without any apologies.

My voice led me to the mic so I could project even more.

Yes! No more hiding.

My voice taught me a lot! But, more importantly, it brought me to this realization.

Your approval will not make or break me.

Your DISapproval will no longer silence me.

I’m not placed here to make you feel comfortable about your choices.

My existence isn’t something you can tokenize and my story isn’t something you will weaponize.

I’ve decided to quit playing your game and the only game I’ll play now is to live up to my name.

A warrior that brings joy!

Not someone that plays coy.

Become an Effective Cross-Cultural Communicator & Connector