What Is The Secret To A Successful Life?

Ok so here is the secret to success.

Set clearly defined goals.

Goals that are simultaneously big, scary and exciting to you so you remain focused and never complacent.

Your goal should be big enough that you need to grow into the person that can achieve them.

Set goals that help you grow in these areas:

  • Your physical
  • Your mental and
  • Your spiritual

After categorizing these goals, dissect them and see what skills you need to develop in order to achieve them.

These will inform you with the instructions you need to then break those goals down into actionable monthly, weekly and daily activities.


Stay relentless with these actions. So much so that you schedule these actions as priorities on your calendar.

These actions are your building blocks, your foundations, your fundamentals and they need to be practiced daily.

These daily repetitions lead to mastery.

You're saying to me now, this isn't a secret! I know this. Everyone says that.

You're not wrong but what you're missing is that few people have the patience to do the same thing over and over again.

It becomes monotonous or boring to them.

They want something new and in the process they miss out on building out the future they set for themselves in the beginning.

They miss out on opportunities to grow because success is dressed in overalls and looks like the hard work they don't want to replicate.

However, if you manage to change your mindset and see your adversities as temporary challenges that you must overcome;

If you manage to push through this perceived monotony enough to see the big picture;

If you can see these challenges as learning opportunities, then something AMAZING happens.


I'll tell you why. It's because success is really about standing when others aren't willing to stand

It's about weathering the storm to get to the rainbow.

Taking the bruises to get to the finish line.

Believing in yourself when no one does.

And seeing the clearly defined goals you set for yourself every day you wake up until you achieve them so that you can then set even loftier goals.

Set clearly defined goals, grow into the person that can achieve those goals by repeating daily rituals, learn from every experience then rinse, repeat and do it again.

ASU A.K.A Always Show Up OR Always Step Up OR Always Stand Up!!!

So now that you know the secret recipe, what will you do?


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