Dissecting the Cultural Code of Great Britain with Andy Molinsky

Back at it again with cultural codes! We are continuing our series with cross cultural expert Andy Molinsky.  Andy’s series is highlighting the cultural codes of 10 countries. The country of choice today is Great Britain.

Great Britain, also known as Britain  is a large island in the north Atlantic Ocean off the north-west coast of continental Europe. It is the largest island of Europe and the ninth-largest in the world. Politically, the island is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with Great Britain constituting most of the United Kingdom's territory. Most of England, Scotland, and Wales are on the island, with their respective capital cities - London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff. The term Great Britain often extends to include surrounding islands that form part of England, Scotland, and Wales.

He uses the following six-dimensional framework to capture the differences across cultures.

  1. Directness: How straightforwardly do people typically communicate in this culture?
  2. Enthusiasm: How much positive emotion and energy do they typically show?
  3. Formality: How much deference and respect do people typically demonstrate?
  4. Assertiveness: How strongly do people typically express voice their opinions?
  5. Self-Promotion: How acceptable is it for people to speak about their accomplishments?
  6. Personal Disclosure: How much do people typically reveal about themselves?

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