Ahna Hendrix

Share 4 Kids

I recently met a wonderful lady by the name of Ahna Hendrix set on bringing smiles to young kids- specifically dying kids and I was touched. She has started an organization called Share4Kids that aims to share these dying children's last wishes. Anyone that knows me knows how much non profits and kids mean to me so I am always happy to share my encounters with like minded people like Ahna. 

She is currently recruiting ambassadors so please feel free to reach out to her on Twitter via @AhnaHendrix . You can follow her organization on Twitter  and like her page on Facebook.

How can you help? The best way is by sharing content on Share4Kids' Facebook page. In addition to that, she will launch a crowdfunding campaign on July 15th, 2013 so be on the look out for that.

PS:  She is also a talented digital strategist and web designer so should you need help in any of those areas, hit her up!




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