A Call For Decency

After watching this video, I shook my head head vigorously in despair and then decided to channel my energy into his post so be warned, this is going to be a rant.


On a weekly basis when I watch women work hard and do their jobs (incredibly well if I might add), I come across some of the most despicable humans on this earth who hide their cowardly faces behind their computers to type up the most insensitive things.


I have said this countless times, if you're a man and you think that being mysogynistic, racist and disgusting flexes your manhood muscles, you're sadly mistaken.


What kind of person wishes death, rape and violence on another person?! In what world does being a Twitter gangsta or a troll serve mankind. I'm calling everyone of you out to reevaluate your lives. There is no good in shaming women and treating them like objects!


Ugh! The lot of you that do this make me sick but instead of stooping to your level trolls, let me take the time to school you on the manners that you clearly lack.


1. Women just like men have names so feel free to refer to them by their names

2. If you have nothing good to say then say nothing

3. If you feel the need to stroke your manhood, pick up a book, go work out, do your job. You know, basically grow up and be the best version of yourself. That's what we all want. We don't want you calling for people to be raped and assaulted

4. If number 3 doesn't work for you then think about your mom, sister, girlfriend/wife. Do you want them to be respected or assaulted? Because I have hope for you, I will presume the former.  That being the case, if you won't say any of the things you tweet about to them then don't type it

5. Lastly! Women are not inferior to men. There is no job that is so gender specific that you cannot appreciate. I know this comes as a shock to you but women play sports too. Yup they report on it, they cover it and they KNOW sports. In fact, many of them know it better than you so when next you're thinking about saying something mean to women, just say thank you! When next you're looking at a body part to objectify in a woman, just turn around and walk away


I ask that you trolls just do better! It's not hard. Smile, give compliments and appreciate people!

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