My favorite hobby is to study leadership in all forms and ever since I came across this gem of a speech, I have been obsessed with it. It just might be my new favorite Martin Luther King speech. In this speech, he asks the following question:

What is your life's blueprint?

He goes on to tell us the importance of having a blueprint for our lives and what we should include in it. In your blueprint, you must include the following:

  1. A deep belief in your dignity and identity 
  2. A mission to do your life's work so well that the living, the dead and unwell couldn't do it any better (become the greatest version of yourself)
  3. A commitment to the eternal principles of beauty, love and justice. Don't allow anybody to pull you so low that it causes you to hate them. However young you are, you have the responsibility to make life better for everybody

Our skins may be different but affliction affects us all in some shape or form.

The mind is the standard of who a person is. Build it, edify it and use it.

Our slogan must not be BURN, BABY, BURN. It must be BUILD, BABY, BUILD. It must be LEARN, BABY, LEARN so we can EARN baby EARN.

If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. Whatever you do, make sure you keep moving because YOU CAN BE SOMEBODY.

Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson is an avid lover of sports, marketing and non profit who loves helping and meeting new people. This blog is a refection of all he has learned. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @TayoRockson.

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