So How Does The World See You?


"You already know how you see the world. But do you know how the world sees you?" Sally Hogshead


This is a question that Sally Hogshead (branding expert and leading authority in the science of fascination) asks in her new best selling book How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination. I am currently going through it and it correlates with how I want Third Culture Kids and Global Nomads to embrace their global identity and use it to their advantage.


In my quest to build the next set of global leaders, I have noticed something.

What is this?

It's that everyone has a unique advantage. Everyone has something to give but the key is to actually give something. Add Value

Like Sally says in her book,

“If you're not adding value, you're taking up space”

It sounds so simple but rarely is this ever implemented and it is because people don’t know what their value is or what they can offer to the world. That’s why Sally’s Team Fascinate project is so great. Her team has come up with a great assessment that takes into account your personality and gives you an archetype based on your answers.

I took it and i’ll share my assessment results in a bit but before I do that i’d like to share some of the key takeaways I have gotten so far.

There are three things that  prevent you from being the YOU that you are meant to be. The YOU that can provide value and ultimately become the best leader/entrepreneur/marketer/artist that YOU can be.

These enemies of progress are distraction, competition, and commodization

Distraction threatens your connection with others

Competition threatens your ability to stand out and win

Commoditization threatens your relationships and loyalty

Now back to that assessment result I discussed.

My archetype is the 'change agent' and  I speak the language of confidence. My two advantages are power and innovation. With Sally's help, I was able to create an anthem for myself and it is the "untraditional visionary".


Find out exactly what your archetype is and how you can add value by taking your fascination advantage assessment here and buying the book. Take the assessment and share it with your friends. Sally's goal is to show 100,000 people the very best of themselves. My goal is teach people how to embrace their global identity and use it to their advantage so hurry and use this code BL-tayorockson on to take a free assessment because this offer will cease to be free after tomorrow.

However if you buy the book you will also get the code. In any case join the movement once you take the assessment here and remember you are FASCINATING especially as a TCK and remember.... 

"The greatest way to empower someone is to show them their own highest value."

PS If you want your own code that you can share with your friends, blog readers, and social media followers? Join Project Fascination here.



Who Is Sally Hogshead?

Sally Hogshead rose to the top of the advertising profession in her early twenties, writing ads that fascinated millions of consumers. Her internationally acclaimed book Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation has been translated into over a dozen languages and her new book How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination is currently on the bestseller list. The science of fascination is based on Hogshead’s decade of research with 250,000 initial participants, including dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses, and over a thousand C-level executives. She frequently appears in national media, including NBC’s Today show and the New York Times. Hogshead was recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, the industry’s highest award for professional excellence.

Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson is a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers on a mission to use his difference to make a difference.  He is a 4x TEDx speaker, the CEO of UYD Management, and the host of the As Told by Nomads podcast. In addition to that, he's been named a "Top 40 Millennial Influencer" by New Theory magazine. His book Use Your Difference To Make A Difference is based on how to connect and communicate in a cross-cultural world.

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