5 Tips For International Students Studying In The U.S.A

Fall Semester is right around the corner and lots of international students will be flocking to the United States to pursue a better education.  I was no exception to that. Liberty University in Virginia for my undergrad and now Fordham University in New York City for my MBA.

It is an exciting and important decision. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Everything from waiting for my I-20 to get in the mail to pleading with the pilot to hold the plane for a few minutes because we forgot some important documents and pieces of identification that we needed to function in the U.S.A. Yup all exciting! So if you are considering studying in the USA, here are five tips for you. 

Carry A Form of Identification

As I was saying earlier, my dad, brother and I nearly missed our flight because one of us forgot our Social Security Number. Luckily for us though, the pilot was willing to wait for a few minutes. not every pilot will be willing to do so but i'm forever grateful to that pilot so carry all forms of identification! All of them! Once you land, you will need to show your I-20, passport, and visa to the airport authorities and when you get on campus you will need all those for orientation and check in. Being an international student in the United States, you will need to present your ID multiple times usually your passport because initially you most likely won't have an American driver's license yet which is the primary form of identification in the US.

Make An Itinerary

Make a detailed itinerary ahead of your orientation. Include precise details about admission dates and locations you need to be at. Also make sure that you don't have conflicting schedules. This will help you to proceed further in a hassle free manner. A lot of the events in your first week of school as an international student are really important so you won't want to miss them.

Keep Your Personal Information Personal

Never lend your personal information to anybody. Always protect your social security number, credit cards, and other pieces of personal information. Identity theft is a global problem and you don’t want to have deal with a loss of identity during your first weeks in the USA. 

Choose The Right Housing For You

Many universities offer different types of housing facilities – there might be off campus, on campus or dormitory provided to you. You also have fraternities and sororities which are more social. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget. However, make sure that you never open door for strangers. Always lock your doors and windows when you are away or home.

Put Your Money In A Bank As Soon As Possible

In my freshman year, before I opened a bank account, I thought it was smart to leave 300 dollars of cash in my room while I stepped out to tour the campus. Yea bad idea. I never saw a penny of my money again. I also lost a pretty good wallet. Do not leave large amounts of money lying around or in your drawers. However, if you must leave money in your room, make sure you keep it somewhere padlocked (this could be your suitcase). 

Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson is a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers on a mission to use his difference to make a difference.  He is a 4x TEDx speaker, the CEO of UYD Management, and the host of the As Told by Nomads podcast. In addition to that, he's been named a "Top 40 Millennial Influencer" by New Theory magazine. His book Use Your Difference To Make A Difference is based on how to connect and communicate in a cross-cultural world.

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