What I Have Learned From Being an MBA Student

The education you get in business school is great and sometimes it feels like there is so much to learn is such a little amount of time. So how can you maximize your learning potential? Here are a few things I have learned from being an MBA student.

  • Time Management is key- Once the school year starts, commitments begin to pop up from everywhere (trust me they do). So it's best to learn how to manage your time efficiently.  Apps like Evernote and Google Calendar have proven beneficial for me. I'll also recommend Taasky.
  • Know your professors- Your professors almost always come from the real world. Grab coffee or lunch with them after class. Pick their brains, offer your skill set to them and ask to be mentored. Do these things and you will be surprised what you find out. 
  • Network, network, network- You'll be surprised what being an MBA candidate does for you when it comes to networking. It is almost like you have an invisible crown on your head. Don't let this imaginary "royalty" go to waste though. Reach out to someone in your industry on LinkedIn and ask for a brief meeting. Get business cards, go to industry related events and introduce yourself. O! Don't forget to follow up!
  • Being fit and healthy makes for a good day... Scratch that a good life!- It is so easy to get bogged down after long days from class, group projects, and happy hours but the one thing you should remember to do is to take care of your self. Find a few minutes to clear your mind each day and reflect on your day. Eat right! I cannot stress this enough; grabbing "fast food" might seem like the easiest and fastest thing to do sometimes but it packs on unwanted pounds. Over time you will get dissatisfied with the way you look, then your self esteem gets affected which affects your whole mental make up and ultimately your day. You are what you eat. Eat right, go to the gym, and clear your head every day. You are currently working so hard to enjoy your life post graduation so don't cut it short by being unhealthy.
  • Join student clubs- Student clubs give you access to industry experts that you can talk to as well as offer you opportunities to practice your leadership skills especially if you become an official of the club. It is also an opportunity to meet classmates outside class. These classmates could be lifelong friends or future business partners.
  • Make friends with alumni- Alumni can be your gateway to the professional world post graduation. Reach out to them, propose a meeting and talk about the school you share in common. You can even ask to be mentored. Who better to mentor you than someone who has been where you are now?
  • Update your LinkedIn profile- You are in business school so your LinkedIn page needs to be "business" like. I recently talked to a recruiter and she told me that one of the ways she determines if candidates have substance is through their LinkedIn page. Your LinkedIn page is a chance for you to talk about your achievements and skill sets so take that opportunity and run with it.  

Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson is a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers on a mission to use his difference to make a difference.  He is a 4x TEDx speaker, the CEO of UYD Management, and the host of the As Told by Nomads podcast. In addition to that, he's been named a "Top 40 Millennial Influencer" by New Theory magazine. His book Use Your Difference To Make A Difference is based on how to connect and communicate in a cross-cultural world.

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