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Are you wasting millions and resources on ads, marketing, and strategies that don't TRANSLATE across borders? 

Do you want your employees to better understand and collaborate with their international colleagues?

Are you struggling with finding and keeping a diverse talent pool that stays longer at your organization longer than a year? 

Then your organization would benefit from working with tayo


Every business, brand, and organization today is physically and virtually interacting with organizations from different cultures and backgrounds. Globalization has increased this cultural diversity in the world and in the workplace, while leaving room for miscommunication, managing mishaps, and business strategy pitfalls due to misunderstanding the cultures involved.

Which can lead to: 

  • Creating content, messaging, and strategies that don’t translate across borders and fall flat

  • Experiencing cultural, political, and economic risks within the workplace and globally due to miscommunication and misunderstanding the cultures involved

  • Cultivating a company culture that is being outpaced by organizations that are better adapting to globalization and cultural diversity

“What if I told you that I could help your organization better understand and work with the cultures that your business interacts with?”

I’m Tayo Rockson, cross-cultural trainer, third culture kid, social activist, and podcast host of the #1 cross-cultural podcast, AS TOLD BY NOMADS, and I help corporations and individuals improve their bottom line by incorporating diversity, social justice, and inclusion initiatives into their workplace

CREDENTIALS & Past speaking events

  • lectured at the prestigious chautauqua institution.

  • Spoken at 4 TEDx events, the United Nations, The World Bank.

  • delivered keynotes at mitsubishi, The aisne conference, the Next Gen Summit, MAPCON conference and various institutions.


  • Work has been recognized by NowThis, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Among Worlds Magazine, Huffington Post, and Global Living Magazine.

  • Host of the top cross-cultural podcast in the world and #2 Business Podcast AS Ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine.


  • HOw to move beyond unconscious bias and be more inclusive.

  • How to address the business challenges that globalization poses by helping managers improve their global acumen by developing a better understanding of the cultural, political, and economic risks they face as they expand globally.

  • How to work effectively with colleagues and partners around the world and guidance on teamwork, leadership styles, sharing information, delegating & supervising.

  • How to manage international relationships and guidance on giving feedback, coaching, motivating others, managing conflict, recruiting, managing suppliers & customers.

  • Practical advice on how to do business in specific cultures combined with personalized strategies for specific situations.

  • A personal guide on how your organization can be effective across cultures (and what shifts you can implement on now to increase revenue and global impact)

  • Strategies for building organizational capacity to practice cultural competency and awareness

  • Access to knowledge, insights, and leading edge trends in 70+ countries.


How We Can Work Together


These are the topics I typically host workshops, speaking events, and design tailored consulting packages on. If your organization has any specific requests or would like a quote, please use the form below:

Making THe unconscious conscious: How to address your biases as an organization and move towards systematic Inclusion

Managing a Culturally Diverse Workplace: How to avoid common miscommunication mishaps and managing pitfalls that can slow down productivity and hurt company culture

Communicating Across Borders: Understanding how to effectively communicate expectations and objectives to global team members and contractors

Finding & Keeping Diverse Talent: How hiring managers can find and keep a diverse and exceptional talent pool beyond the “1-3 year” mark

Transitioning Your Organization from LOCAL to INTERNATIONAL: What it takes to bridge the gap between working local and expanding globally, while still keeping company culture and values

Fixing the Generational and Cultural Gap: How to train, groom, and find a diverse next generation of C-suite executives, managers, and directors for your organization’s continued growth and expansion

What people have said about Tayo

Tayo Rockson is a transformational leader who seeks to build a more just and inclusive global community. His presentation on cultural intelligence provided our university with the essential tools required for building bridges across difference, managing conflict. and promoting team-building.
— Dr. Artika R. Tyner: Associate Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion University of St. Thomas
As an activist and cross-cultural expert, Tayo collaborated with World Bank Group President, Dr. Jim Kim, thought-leaders in the international development industry and more than 150 global mobile World Bank Group staff members and their dependents on cross-cultural communication techniques and best practices. Through his motivational speaking style, he offered incentivized and tangible examples on how best foster cultural transparency.
— Claudia Koerbler: Policy Development and Outreach Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Tayo has a remarkable ability to help managers and individuals navigate cross-cultural relationships. Tayo’s work is rooted in helping individuals and businesses build cultural competencies needed to keep up with the opportunities and challenges that come with globalization. This is critical to successful inclusive workplaces in today’s world.
— Andy Molinsky: Author of Global Dexterity & Professor at Brandeis University's International Business School
Tayo Rockson is an engaging and dynamic speaker and we felt so lucky to have him join us for our National Summit. Tayo’s knowledge on harnessing data revolution for sustainable change resonated with our members and allowed them to embrace the sustainable development goals. He shared some key strategies that allowed our members to embrace our core values and by sharing that with their chapters at home, effectively engage and motivate others. I would highly recommend him to any organization!
— Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess Director of Member Services United States Junior Chamber
Tayo’s unique perspective, personally and professionally, as well as his ability to facilitate and provide empowerment and educations in the areas of cultural awareness can move an organization lightyears ahead when it comes to addressing the sensitive and complex issues of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency in the workplace. The skills Tayo teaches are essential not only to be a good corporate citizen, but also to improve the bottomline of your organization in today’s very diverse and global workplace. In the private sector, and at the highest levels of government I’ve witness firsthand as smart organizations have grown increasingly aware of the need for and adopted diversity, and cultural competency training in order to have a workforce equipped to effectively maneuver in today’s marketplace.
— Mary Simms CEO & Founder The Mary Simms Public Relations Agency
My organization was looking for a spokesperson who could help us deliver a universal message with eloquence and conviction. Tayo was the only person we considered for the job. His passion for global citizenship mixed with his dynamic delivery was exactly what our international organization needed. Simply put—when Tayo speaks, people listen.
— Taylor Cruz, Innovation Specialist, Pact
I worked with Tayo on two roundtables of Facebook Live for NowThis, a socially distributed company. He is very knowledgeable on topics pertaining to diversity, inclusion and social justice. He is great on camera, articulate and he handled live interviews well. He brought in valuable guests on important topics. He is passionate about his work and a pleasure to be around.
— Shako Liu: Producer at NowThis News

If you would like to have Tayo speak at your next event, workshop, or design a tailored consulting package for your organization, please use the form below or contact directly tarockson [@]

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