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 It’s time we used our DIFFERENCES to make a DIFFERENCE. The world today is filled with too many problems and YOU can solve them.

In the age of disruption, I believe that developing a personal brand in addition to being culturally competent are two of the most important skills to develop in the 21st century. Being culturally competent allows you to communicate effectively across cultures and developing a personal brand allows you to lead, influence and motivate your tribe.

You see, I am interested in building movements and mobilizing change-makers to solve some of today’s world problems in business, media, science, economics, entrepreneurship and technology. If this sounds like you, I’d like to work with you.

I believe that each and everyone has the ability to make a meaningful impact in the world but too many of us are stuck in a system that marginalizes us. It’s time we stood up and disrupted the status quo, reclaimed our identities, changed the narratives and offered up new solutions.  I hope we can work together to help unlock your world changing ideas.

Once upon a time, I struggled with my identity. I didn't quite know how to find my place in the world especially because I was constantly in new environments. At the same time, I felt like I was called to something bigger. How was I, a kid from Lagos, Nigeria who didn't quite know where he fit in going to stand out from the crowd and start a movement? The answer? I had to figure out who I was at my core, what drove me and embrace that person. Essentially, I had to develop my personal brand and I have not looked back since. That journey has led me to build a solid brand and position myself as a cross cultural and branding strategist that helps individuals and businesses stand out in crowded marketplaces.

What To Expect Working With Me 

An Expanded Reach: Increased visibility in your intended target market

Speaking Engagements: Your start to becoming a leading voice for your cause

Thought And Industry Leadership: Learn how to truly be considered an expert in your industry

A Killer Elevator Pitch: For all the times people ask you what you do

A Solid Content Marketing Strategy: Effectively tell your story in a multimedia fashion and position yourself for success

A Differentiation Strategy: Stand out in a crowded marketplace online and offline. I can help you figure out your purpose, define your area of expertise, map your brand, embrace your identity and leverage your differences for good



  • 4 time TEDx Speaker

  • Bestselling published author of “Use Your Difference To Make A Difference”

  • Recognized speaker at several reputable organizations including The World Bank, The United Nations, Chautauqua Institution and several universities

  • Named as a Top Millennial Influencer To Watch In 2018 By New Theory Magazine

  • Top Podcast Host in categories I want to be in (Business and Travel)

  • Forbes/Huffington Post Contributor

  • Featured in INC, CIO, Forbes, Global Living Magazine, BELLA, and Among Worlds Magazine

  • Recognized thought leader in the fields of cross-cultural communications, international affairs and branding

  • Board Member at Rutgers University Big Data program

  • Awarded the distinction of being an Alien of Extraordinary Ability by the American Government

I went from being a confused dreamer to a globally recognized speaker in just a few years. I can personally attest to how useful increasing your personal brand can be to your career, movement and to your company. If you are looking to promote your personal brand, increase your company’s revenues, become a well-known expert in your field or make a global impact, I want to help you.

What People Are Saying


Erika Ashley (

Before working with Tayo, I didn’t know if I had anything that was worthy of sharing on a stage. I had already spoken at some of the most respected universities around North America, but those presentations were all about the work I’d been doing at the time. Now that I would be speaking about my own life, I didn’t know if I had anything that anyone would care to listen to.

I was frustrated because being a speaker was always something I’d aspired to, but I felt like my confidence was getting in the way and I’d open up application forms, stare at the questions, and close the tab after a few minutes because I’d chicken out.

Tayo doesn’t let you stay stuck in your mindset BS and he holds you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. The first time he sent me some TEDx applications, I had every intention of not applying for them and just saying that I did, but he was smarter than me - Tayo had me finish one of the applications on our call. Once I finished that first one, I had the confidence to complete many more, and didn’t feel bad about being rejected because I knew I had already put out many more applications.

Tayo could hear how unsure I was in the first call, and right away gave me some assignments to do that would help me see that I did have what it took to be a speaker, and my life was full of stories and lessons that people would want to hear. By our second week of coaching together, even though I was still having hesitations about actually giving a speech, my mindset had completely shifted - I now knew that I didn’t just have one talk to share, but at least ten.

I booked my first TEDx talk! That was a stretch goal that I didn’t think I’d actually be able to hit during our time together, but I’ll be speaking in May and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My confidence skyrocketed during my three months with Tayo. I’ve been able to use the work we did together to show up more confidently in my business, livestream more effectively, and serve my clients at a higher level.


Chelsea Wallace (

Before I started working with Tayo, speaking wasn't really even on my radar. It just never occurred to me to pursue as a legitimate opportunity to create impact and revenue with my message and passion. However one day I'd been talking with someone who suggested I get into speaking to find clients. On that same day Tayo reached out to me about his program that was closing soon and I recognized the serendipity. I said yes.

The major issue I was having before working with him was reconciling my passion for the deep beauty, authenticity and potential for impact of women of colour AND my day to day business activities. Simply put, I had no idea how to fit the 2 together and no confidence that I actually could do it. So I was always second-guessing myself, backtracking and changing my business message and even shrinking back from being visible and marketing myself...because of this lack of confidence. I remember the exact moment it really hit me that my coaching with Tayo was worth it: we were talking about who my message was for and who it could reach. And I realized that this could actually impact hundreds of thousands of women! I was ridiculously excited and scared all at the same time - literally I started freaking out on the call.

But that's the thing about Tayo, he sees your potential for making a difference as it is, not as the mini-version you feel more comfortable with. And he supports you in any and every way he can to helping you get there. He was always there when I had a question or concern and above everything else, I felt the confidence to start sharing my message with the world. Now I'm booking speaking opportunities through my network of friends and colleagues, refining my message and getting ready to pitch myself for opportunities at conferences, retreats and corporations. If you're thinking about working with Tayo, just do it.

Travis Pic Bigger.jpg

Travis Roznos (

I feel like I just got an undergraduate degree in thought leadership and personal branding. In a world where it's never been easier to become an entrepreneur while simultaneously challenging to stand out with a message that really moves people and raises consciousness, what I've learned from Tayo is the real deal. I feel 100% ready to create massive impact with my message and with my business. It doesn't matter if you don't have a big audience or following, if you have the desire to serve others, Tayo can take you from confusion to precision in who you will speak to, how to gain their trust, and how you can deliver on your promise to them in the short and long term.


Eziel Wedemeyer

I really appreciate Tayo working with me as I embark on my journey of hosting a podcast. I have zero experience in speaking publicly or positioning a topic to be relevant enough for listeners. So far with Tayo’s help, I have dramatically taken a step forward in the right direction. I have recorded my first podcast, he has coached me on the best practices and has been very diligent about helping me make deadlines.

The biggest take away for me is gaining clarity on how to go about developing my niches, style, and voice. A month ago I had no clue. Now, I have a strong foundation on how I can expand my voice in a unique way to the benefit of others. And the cherry on top is that Tayo has shown me a repeatable process that I can use going forward.

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