A 21st century gentleman on a mission to use his DIFFERENCE to make a difference as a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers. My ultimate goal is to build the next set of global leaders by teaching individuals how to communicate effectively across cultures and communicate with impact. I believe that the two reasons people don't think they can make a difference in the world is because of a fixed mindset and a limited worldview and so I work with individuals and organizations to improve their cultural competencies, exposure and grow their mindsets.


As the son of a diplomat, I found myself always in between cultures having to find different ways to fit in. I essentially had an identity crisis but along the way, I learned how to turn my identity crisis into a gift for understanding people who come from different backgrounds and the motivations behind their actions. I’m proud to have built a digital company (based on my mission statement, Use Your Difference To Make A Difference) that reaches people in 150 countries. 


Once I discovered that I was a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or someone who spent the formative part of his childhood years (0-18) outside of his parents' culture, I vowed to use my global identity to make an impact in the world. 

One of the things I’m often asked is "How did you get into all this"?? Glad you asked! Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the ability we all have to make our world a better place. I wanted to know this:

Why is it that even though we live in an increasingly globalized and digital world, many people still don't know how to be accepting of other cultures or how connect with others digitally.

Why were people more concerned with building walls instead of bridges? How could we as a society fix the inequalities that exist today? How can businesses today improve their bottomline by incorporating diversity and inclusion strategies in their workforces? How can companies individuals successfully spread their message of inspiration to wider audiences?


These questions stayed with me even as I went on to college and started working after I graduated. They intensified but alas I didn’t feel like I could do anything meaningful

I had always wanted to build a media empire that made people become the best versions of themselves like Oprah Winfrey did and fight for social justice like the late Nelson Mandela.

Alas, I wasn’t brave enough. That was until I was involved in a near death experience. I realized that at the age of 22, I hadn’t done anything meaningful so I quit my job, moved to New York City and began to conduct a social experiment. This social experiment would later become my podcast.

I interviewed leaders in business, culture, travel and global affairs to discuss what it takes for one to embrace one’s global identity and become a global leader. Fortunately, that got featured on Entrepreneur as the number 2 business podcast. I wrote a short book based on my experiences which led me to speaking at conferences where I started sharing principles based on my cultural observations. All this led me to be invited to speak at the World Bank and the United Nations Foundation. Suddenly, I was on to something. Something that my 22 year old self who almost died would be proud of. I realized that I had become a catalyst for change. The very thing I had thought I wasn’t capable of becoming. As an untraditional visionary with inventive answers I have learned to take initiative to uncover inventive solutions.

Nelson Mandela taught me forgiveness

My mom taught me love

My dad taught me perseverance

Oprah the importance of connection

I get energy from helping others feel better about themselves. It fuels me. I feel like I'm doing my job. I see a broken world and I want to mend it by using my gifts That brings me to you and my mission. I 'm here to help you become more culturally aware. My company is built on a bedrock of connection, a passion for changing the world for the better and a commitment to helping you use your difference to make a difference.

Through my content and consultation, I ...

  • help change-makers develop their personal brands and speak with impact
  • help businesses expand globally by helping them understand their target market and multicultural colleagues
  • help individuals and organizations build global mindsets to tell stories about culture and most importantly
  • provide personal guides to individuals looking to succeed across cultures
  • provide individuals and corporations with powerful toolkit for success with the cultures they deal with

I’m here to help you reach the highest levels of your cultural potential and to make you the best communicator you can be. I believe you can make a global impact and I want to see you realize that dream!

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