So glad to see you here and honored that you want to know more about me and my work. That is truly an honor for me. So what can you expect now that you are here?

You can expect to find multiple ways to embrace your global identity and be more culturally aware. No joke! There are hundreds of resources here from countless leaders around the world.

But before I get ahead of myself, here's a quick guide so you know how to navigate this site. Hopefully, we can make a true, positive global impact together. 




I’m an untraditional visionary, storyteller, speaker and activist committed to helping you become the most culturally aware person you can become. If you’re curious about my background and how I came to do what I do, you can get all the juicy details on my about page.

Primer: I'm a Nigerian (Naija boy!) who grew up in five countries and four continents. I’m an insanely curious individual who spends his time learning how to connect effectively across cultures. I write, produce and host As Told By Nomads & Use Your Difference. I enjoy meeting new people and learning different languages- I currently speak English and French now and I am working to make Spanish my third.




I am a walking contradiction. I am individualist who grew up in a collectivist environment. I’m just as much of introvert as I am an extrovert (ambivert) and I love romantic movies as much as I love action movies. My friends call me the corniest person alive. I consider Superman to be the best superhero ever and Manchester United is my favorite team.




As Told By Nomads podcast features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, entrepreneurs and multicultural individuals who are leaders in business, culture, travel and global affairs to discuss what it takes to embrace your global identity and become a global leader.

Entrepreneur called it the number 2 business podcast

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Use Your Difference is a YouTube show focused on building a more culturally aware generation. Each week, I share tips and concepts that allow you to think like an anthropologist and a global leader.

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All this and more over at the full Use Your Difference library. With hundreds of episodes and counting, an inspiring world of diversity and cultural awareness awaits you.




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