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It’s time we used our DIFFERENCES to make a DIFFERENCE. The world today is filled with too many problems and YOU can solve them.

In the age of disruption, I believe that developing a personal brand in addition to being culturally competent are two of the most important skills to develop in the 21st century. Being culturally competent allows you to communicate effectively across cultures and developing a personal brand allows you to lead, influence and motivate your tribe.

You see, I am interested in building movements and mobilizing change-makers to solve some of today’s world problems in business, media, science, economics, entrepreneurship and technology. If this sounds like you, I’d like to work with you.

I believe that each and everyone has the ability to make a meaningful impact in the world but too many of us are stuck in a system that marginalizes us. It’s time we stood up and disrupted the status quo, reclaimed our identities, changed the narratives and offered up new solutions.  I hope we can work together to help unlock your world changing ideas.

Once upon a time, I struggled with my identity. I didn't quite know how to find my place in the world especially because I was constantly in new environments. At the same time, I felt like I was called for something bigger. How was I, a kid from Lagos, Nigeria who didn't quite know where he fit in going to stand out from the crowd and start a movement? The answer? I had to figure out who I was at my core, what drove me and embrace that person. Essentially, I had to develop my personal brand and I have not looked back since. That journey has led me to build a solid brand and position myself as a cross cultural and branding strategist that helps individuals and businesses stand out in crowded marketplaces.


What To Expect Working With Me


An Expanded Reach: Increased visibility in your intended target market

Speaking Engagements: Your start to becoming a leading voice for your cause

Thought And Industry Leadership: Learn how to truly be considered an expert in your industry

A Killer Elevator Pitch: For all the times people ask you what you do

A Solid Content Marketing Strategy: Effectively tell your story in a multimedia fashion and position yourself for success

A Differentiation Strategy: Stand out in a crowded marketplace online and offline. I can help you figure out your purpose, define your area of expertise, map your brand, embrace your identity and leverage your differences for good



  • 3 time TEDx Speaker
  • Recognized speaker at several reputable organizations including The World Bank, The United Nations Foundations and several universities
  • Named as a Top Millennial Influencer To Watch In 2018 By New Theory Magazine
  • Top Podcast Host in categories I want to be in (Business and Travel)
  • Forbes/Huffington Post Contributor
  • Featured in INC, CIO, Forbes, Global Living Magazine, BELLA, and Among Worlds Magazine
  • Recognized thought leader in the fields of cross-cultural communications, international affairs and branding
  • Board Member at Rutgers University Big Data program
  • Awarded the distinction of being an Alien of Extraordinary Ability by the American Government

I went from being a confused dreamer to a globally recognized speaker in just a few years. I can personally attest to how useful increasing your personal brand can be to your career, movement and to your company. If you are looking to promote your personal brand, increase your company’s revenues, become a well-known expert in your field or make a global impact, I want to help you.

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