The New Type Of Diversity

I have always found it funny that even though we live in a globalized environment and the most digitalized time ever, many of us don't act digital or global. However, not taking advantage of the digital tools available to us don't allow us to be the best leaders we can be.  Furthermore, it does not allow us to embrace diversity as we should.

When I say diversity, I don't just mean religion, race, or orientation. I mean diversity of thought. Diversity of thought fosters an environment that paves the way for unique perspectives and at atmosphere that brings fresh insights into problems. It creates opportunities for innovation, and it allows for continuous learning. 

And so today, I want to talk about the new type of diversity. The one that taps into our innate curiosity and allows us to remain on a quest to search for answers. This type of diversity constantly questions the status quo and does not allow complacency or groupthink. It is not afraid of conflict.

Instead, it sees it as a springboard to the solutions for tomorrow's problems. Embracing this diversity I believe is the key to solving a lot of today's and tomorrow's problems. In order to build the next set of global leaders, one has to learn how to effectively communicate across cultures and you can only do this by being open minded enough to embrace this diversity.  Listed below are some ways to start incorporating this into your life so it becomes an everyday routine in your personal and professional lives.

Proactively meet 5 to 10 new people each week

It used to be that you could only meet people at work but that's not the case anymore. You don't have to be in the same physical place to meet someone to network with. I talked earlier about how many of us don't act digitally but don't let that be you. Next time you're wondering how you can make new friends, try this:

Make a list of keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your passions and use the search bars on Twitter and Instagram to see what comes up. Once you do this, find a way to get in front of some of these discussions. Introduce yourself to the people behind them and you'll be surprised by what could come out of that.

In the past, i've used this method to provide resources to people who needed help with something. I've used it to ask for help, to find guest for my podcasts, and to even organize meetups.

Ultimately, this promotes the art of conversation and forces you to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Ultimately, you want to get to level where you're scheduling 5 to 10 Skype calls or in person meeting with someone every week.

Spice Up Your Reading Life

I used to think that I could only learn from non fictional biographies, then I used to think that I could only learn by reading business books but I wasn't entirely right. While it's absolutely true that you can learn by reading only non fiction books, I noticed that my curiosity level expanded exponentially when I committed to mixing my reading with some fiction.

A goal I set for myself this year was to read two books a month (1 non-fiction/1 fiction) and I can already tell the difference in my everyday life particularly when I meet new people or speak at conferences. It's been surprising to see what people resonate with when I make certain references. I have built friendships with strangers based on the fact that I mentioned a house that I resonate with on Harry Potter. 

Think about it. The ability to read is agnostic of your race, gender or disposition so being able to connect with people because of a common interest in a book can diversify your life. You just never know.

MAJOR HACK: After you read a book or watch a tv show you love, type up the title of the book in the search bar on Twitter or Instagram and see if you can get in on some conversations around that. It's hit or miss but it's definitely a major ice breaker.

Be A Media Platform

It's the 21st century and what that means is that traditional media does not dominate the world. We live in a world full of influencers and "experts". Everyone and their mother has a blog or a podcast. Heck! right now, I have 3 podcasts. I say all this to say that many people do not realize the importance of being a media platform. I challenge you to create platforms around your niche and use it to build relationships not just to create content or build a personal brand. Whether it's a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat or a podcast you own, encourage open discussions and invite new perspectives to your discussions.

So there you have it. The barriers have been brought down. Allow the internet to be your friend and proactively make friends across cultures while edifying yourself with different types of relevant content that you're passionate about.

As always i'm on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram at tayorockson. 


A Call For Decency

After watching this video, I shook my head head vigorously in despair and then decided to channel my energy into his post so be warned, this is going to be a rant.


On a weekly basis when I watch women work hard and do their jobs (incredibly well if I might add), I come across some of the most despicable humans on this earth who hide their cowardly faces behind their computers to type up the most insensitive things.


I have said this countless times, if you're a man and you think that being mysogynistic, racist and disgusting flexes your manhood muscles, you're sadly mistaken.


What kind of person wishes death, rape and violence on another person?! In what world does being a Twitter gangsta or a troll serve mankind. I'm calling everyone of you out to reevaluate your lives. There is no good in shaming women and treating them like objects!


Ugh! The lot of you that do this make me sick but instead of stooping to your level trolls, let me take the time to school you on the manners that you clearly lack.


1. Women just like men have names so feel free to refer to them by their names

2. If you have nothing good to say then say nothing

3. If you feel the need to stroke your manhood, pick up a book, go work out, do your job. You know, basically grow up and be the best version of yourself. That's what we all want. We don't want you calling for people to be raped and assaulted

4. If number 3 doesn't work for you then think about your mom, sister, girlfriend/wife. Do you want them to be respected or assaulted? Because I have hope for you, I will presume the former.  That being the case, if you won't say any of the things you tweet about to them then don't type it

5. Lastly! Women are not inferior to men. There is no job that is so gender specific that you cannot appreciate. I know this comes as a shock to you but women play sports too. Yup they report on it, they cover it and they KNOW sports. In fact, many of them know it better than you so when next you're thinking about saying something mean to women, just say thank you! When next you're looking at a body part to objectify in a woman, just turn around and walk away


I ask that you trolls just do better! It's not hard. Smile, give compliments and appreciate people!

The DBCs of Making A Global Impact In Today's World by Tayo Rockson

“Traveling the world is one of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself. It will shatter all illusions, stereotypes, and notions you have of the world and the people in it. You will unlearn, learn, and relearn things you will never discover through a book, a classroom, or a degree. It will humble you, shake you, wake you up. It will seep into your pores and find its way to your heart, and it will find it fast. The veil over your vision will come off and you will experience things that fringe over magic. And you will never ever be the same again in the best way possible. So do yourself a favor, and just buy that d**n plane ticket.” ~ Satori

By the age of 17, I had lived in five different countries and four different continents. Several words even though they sound the same mean two different things and invoke two different emotions. You know them?



My point is I’m a minority everywhere I go even in my passport country but when faced with the option of celebrating my difference or conforming to what was considered the norm, I chose to celebrate my difference and I haven't looked back since.

You see growing up everywhere the way I did, I initially had an identity crisis. You know. Who am I?

Why am I not like them?

Why is my accent different?

But I came to realize that there is true beauty in our world. I also came to realize that even though the world is full of differences, many of us use these differences to drive people apart. With this realization, all of a sudden I had a sense of purpose. I saw my identity crisis as a gift. I saw my difference as an opportunity to show the world that there is beauty in having the mindset of a nomad. Not only in the way it opens our minds but also in the perspectives it gives us.

Many of today’s world’s problems today are caused because of people’s unwillingness to accept change whether it’s race, religion or ethnic background. Why can’t we use OUR DIFFERENCES to make a DIFFERENCE."

I believe there are 3 ways we can do this. It’s what I like to call the DBC. Read more here.

How To Use Your Difference Make A Difference As Someone In Global Transition

Last weekend I was in DC for the annual FIGT conference and it was such a beautiful experience because I got to meet people that I had been interviewing, talking to and collaborating with for the past year and it was such a thrill. When someone asked me what the experience was like, you know speaking at my first conference about something I am so passionate about. I told her that it was such a rush. I went from being nervous pacing around the venue prior to the speech to feeling and amazing surge of energy right before the speech to relief that I had jus delivered the speech without mistakes to being humbled by people clapping at something I had just said for six minutes and thirty seconds. I've never quite felt anything like it but I honestly feel like this type of conversation is more of what we need to have in today's society. 

We need to learn how to celebrate and embrace our differences.

Defeating the "supposed to" syndrome

Breaking down the "Berlin Walls" that exist today and

Connecting in a digital age.

DBC. Here's the speech.