You may be wondering why I describe myself as a TCK on a mission. TCK is an acronym for Third Culture Kid which basically means I spent the formative periods of my life outside of my parent's culture. I was the minority everywhere I went and I learned how to turn my identity crisis into a gift. It's literally my super power and I am on a mission to build the next set of global leaders by helping them find the beauty in their differences and communicate effectively across cultures. That's why my mission statement is USE YOUR DIFFERENCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.





 I'm a Nigerian (Naija boy!) who grew up in five countries and four continents. I’m an insanely curious individual who spends most of his time learning how to connect effectively across cultures. I am a walking contradiction. I am individualist who grew up in a collectivist environment. I’m just as much of introvert as I am an extrovert (ambivert) and I love romantic movies as much as I love action movies.  I consider Superman to be the best superhero ever. My other favorite superheroes are Wonder Woman and Black Panther. Lebron James is my favorite athlete and Manchester United is my favorite team.